Be open minded and unafraid

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Be open minded and unafraidTo live a creative life we must loose the fear of being wrong. Harnessing creative thought is about suspending disbelief about life and what is possible. It sound very pretentious doesn’t it, but when presenting work or having ideas presented to you it’s crucial to remain open minded. Not every idea is going to be great, some are simply better than others.

The more ideas on table the better and it’s critical not to ridicule people who are brave enough to think differently. If there is a risk of being mocked there will be a reluctance for ideas to be shared openly. Encouragement of free speech will in many cases lead to internal peer-to-peer presentations.

If we didn’t speak out for fear of making a mistake, we wouldn’t do anything.

Creative confidence and fear of judgement are two sides of the same coin. Designer David Kelly discusses these issues both with ‘creative’ designers and ‘practical’ clients in his Ted talk. Ideas are not to be coveted; they are to be shared, especially in an age of online collaboration — an overly individualistic culture can stifle creativity. ‘Two heads are better than one’ has never been more true because great ideas can come from anywhere across the globe instantaneously. Involving as many people as possible in the initial brainstorming session with give you the most deverse selection of routes.

Give everything away and you’ll get more coming back to you.

Ursula K Le Guin

“The creative adult is the child that survived” – I believe there is truth in that statement. I take away an interpretation of both the lack of unlearned fear, and a belief in the magic impossibilities of the imagination and wonderment of the universe.

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