Cultivating Creativity

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Cultivating Creativity

Finding tips to increase creativity in a creative studio is not a difficult task. From the precise balance of Feng Shui in your studio space, to only eating green things that were harvested less than 48 hours ago, the online lists are truly exhaustive and frequently added to.

This then, is a simplified list of theory, perception and practice, based upon my experience from living in a creative bubble. From studying creative design communication against hypothetical deadlines and pseudo-clients where only self-imposed limitations restricted creative possibilities, through to working in teams and as an individual in the industry, complete with real-world pressures, limitations and compromises. These are some thoughts leading to a framework to cultivate creative spirit.

We all have a potential to be more creative and some people might be more geared to it than others. We’ve read stories of people striking lucky with a moment of genius, as though creativity ‘just happens’. This is true in some instances but when you’re working within a creative industry it’s not economical to simply grab a coffee and wait for lightening to strike. The people who are defined by their creativity have spent time, working at it, failing at it, and cultivating it.

Creativity comes in many forms but is generally regarded as quite an elusive thing. One theory is that few lucky people are simply wired with creative, inquisitive and lateral thinking minds. Biosocial theory for example, suggests that creativity is genetic, and thus, geniuses are indeed born, not made. Furthermore it proposes that there is a link between ‘madness’ and creativity.

So, short of employing designers with a history of ‘madness’ how can you make others, yourself or an agency as a whole more ‘creative’?

First we must consider where creativity comes from…

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