Give up the driver’s seat

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Give up the drivers seat

Over the years, research has shown a counterintuitive fact about human nature: That sometimes, having too much choice makes us less happy or certain.

Baba Shiv, an American marketing professor and an expert in the area of neuroeconomics, shares a fascinating and telling study that measures why choice opens the door to doubt, and suggests that ceding control may be the best thing for us.

In his fantastic Ted talk, he uses A-B test groups to explain how choice reduces the confidence in the decision-making process. With choice your mind will focus on the foregone option, putting much less juice into the task and producing a less favourable outcome.

On the lead-up to a mentally taxing test, one group was given the choice of drinking a relaxing tea or mentally alerting coffee, while the other group were simply given one at random. The results cleary showed a higher average test score in the group that were not given a choice. Why was this?

With choice, your mind will focus on the foregone option (‘maybe I should have drunk the coffee to make me focus’, ‘I’m too stressed, I should have drunk the tea’, putting much less juice into the task and therefore producing a less commited and favourable outcome.

This is testament to a creative lead in a creative team environment, someone to be the arbiter of what ideas should be pushed forward. After brainstorming and creative exploration, the team can put 100% of energy into the selected route foreword and shipping an effective product on-time. Change up who does the driving and see what happens…

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