Organise your insights

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Organise your insights

It sounds obvious doesn’t it? But it is so often easily overlooked. Once your research and creative thinking is well underway, the process dictates that ideas need to be reviewed and assessed so that you might find the routes with the most creative potential to develop. Organising your thoughts and findings can often clear the creative mind fog — developing positioning, propositions and visual directions to move forward in.

  • Group ideas into themes
  • Explore theses themes in isolation (extremely useful in brand identity development)
  • Develop these themes into ideas and explore tangents (mind mapping)
  • Review the result of each thematic direction on its own merits
  • Consider the potential of combining or shifting emphasis of ideas generated
  • Expand thinking to other uses for secondary ideas

Organising your insights can also be a useful tool in team dynamics. Consider delegating themes, concepts or type of media to individuals or groups. Whatever method you use, organising your insights continually highlights the ‘positioning’ in your creative process, ensuring the creative direction is driving forward a strategic one.

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