The tools for the job

Tool for the jobCreativity should not be stifled by the limitations of technology, rather technology opens new avenues for creativity.

The simplest idea is often the best, and the best way to encourage idea generation is to keep it rough at the beginning of a creative process. The pencil is still the designers best friend. Thrashing ideas in the beginning leaves less room for doubt and freedom form getting sidetracked with detail.

However, we no longer live in a world where we assemble paper magazine spreads with tape and glue… Keeping up to date with technology enables a greater knowledge of the media you are working in. It also promotes the exploration of executions that could form truly original ideas or at the very  least, push a fantastic idea even further.

Consider just a few of the possibilities that have arisen in recent years:

  • Creative campaigns involving social media (a change in how we consume information)
  • Experiential ideas involving touch screen interaction (on walls, windows and tablets)
  • Augmented Reality, blurring the line between fantasy and reality
  • Physical media production costs – Interactive billboards and magazine adverts
  • Internet speeds – Fibre optic / 4G mobile (a change in what experiences are possible)
  • Smartphone technology — readers, cameras, faster CPUs (greater scope for audience interaction)
  • The increased use of ‘multi-touch’ as a standard
  • Low-cost viral advertising avenues (a change in how people share media)
  • Integrated online/real-world campaigns using apps and geolocation
  • Ability to monitor campaign metrics and audience profiling
  • Rise of rich media digital publications (a change in how costumers purchase media)
  • Expanse of creative software packages (subscription based access to full creative suites)
  • Faster processing power (more scope for small scale video rendering, image retouching)
  • Rise of community-driven collaborative software and resources (Blender, Github, Gimp etc)

Working in the correct software, for the correct platform is a given. Keeping abreast of developments in technology and the way we are consuming media can lead to sparks of creativity — enhancing a campaign or revealing new potential.

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