Turn your thinking upside down

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Turn your thinking upside downTouched upon in ‘See the strategy’, halting your train of thought and immediately thinking the opposite can reframe an idea or perception.

  • Rather than why people should want a product, ask why wouldn’t they? Maybe you could employ the strategic positioning of ‘before’ — what was life like before the product, combined with some ‘amplification’ of the idea to exaggerate how much the product changed the world, or an individual’s life.
  • Question how could they live without a product, service or feature…
  • Rather than pushing the benefits of how an idea can change a consumers lifestyle, focus on What would happen in a world without this?
  • If you’re thinking of blowing an idea up large — what would happen if you made it physically small, to be discovered in the most obscure of places.

Turning your thinking upside down can lead to surprising deviations in thought processes even if they are only use to be provocative in brainstorming sessions.

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