Argentex is a foreign exchange specialist providing bespoke advisory and execution services to corporates, institutions, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations. They differentiate themselves through the quality of their offering. Our brief was to reflect this ethos, developing their brand, dual language website and online presence.

The website focuses primarily on the refined nature of the brand. Clean lines, extensive white space, subtle parallax effects and elegantly re-touched photography create layouts that are both well structured and striking. Carefully set typography with a consistent vertical rhythm contributes to a highly legible and functional website, reflecting the quality and unequivocal nature of Argentex’s services.

With a heavily customised WordPress CMS, Argentex can update their website content – along with bespoke reports and custom email newsletters – with ease, ensuring their website’s content is as up-to-date as their trading knowledge.


Argentex website on multiple devices

Argentex website layouts

Argentex website on a laptop

Argentex website flat page layout


Argentex website design close ups