We’re an award winning multi-disciplinary design studio based in Exeter, amidst rolling hills and countryside air. We have a licky office dog, an overworked coffee machine and a messy whiteboard. But we’re more than that…

Drive Creative Studio is a collection of creative and clever thinkers with the innate, biologically determined urge to deliver a common goal – to do great work.

We believe creativity is the key to solving commercial, social and organisational challenges. Our drive propels us to go the distance for our clients, hungry to produce something special. That ‘something’ that will push a brand further, captivate an audience in an exciting new way, make people think, to get results.

We’re passionate about what we do. Sure, some might say neurotic… we prefer enthusiastic. We love working with clients that appreciate the value of good design and that’s because creativity is in our blood, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working with businesses of all sizes, spear-heading campaigns with original concepts or producing a creative component for an existing campaign, our team aims to get under the skin, gain insight and produce the goods. We’re most at home when creating bold, persuasive design, smart marketing communications and building brands with big ideas.

So if you fancy some great creative with the top-notch execution, drop us a line and we’ll get that coffee on.

Our specialist areas:

Aligning image and perception to drive value

Insightful, cohesive and compelling ideas

Developing your online presence

Animation, motion graphics and video

Captivating audiences through engaging interaction