People have too little information about the asylum appeals process and very little idea of what to expect. In collaboration with charities Asylum Aid and Migrants Resource Centre, as well as professors of Human Geography at the Innovation, Impact and Business department of Exeter University, Drive produced an animation for asylum appellants that clearly provides the information they need to know before going into a hearing. This appeals process is often complex, convoluted and unclear, creating a stressful and overwhelming experience for an individual who may be fleeing their country due to persecution or abuse – therefore this video represents a comprehensive and valuable resource where guidance and help was previously limited.

With a broad audience from diverse backgrounds, Drive was tasked to create a suite of characters that did not represent a single ethnicity or gender yet could express universal emotion. To ensure the delicate messaging and visuals were well received, three focus groups with those who have been through the asylum appeals process were held at key stages in the process – script and visuals, animatic and rough edit.

The final video has a runtime of 13 minutes and will be available in 14 languages.

We are very excited about the video here. It’s been a real labour of love on your part and I want to thank you so much for the time and creativity you’ve put into it. I’ve also really appreciated how responsive you’ve been to our feedback. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this.

– Debora Singer (Asylum Aid)