Sharps Pixley is a London-based gold and precious metal brokerage based on St James’ Street, catering to both retail and private clients, corporates, family offices and institutions. In need of a brand identity refresh, an updated suite of brochure and print elements, and a re-positioned website presence, Sharps Pixley approached Drive to homogenise their online, offline and marketing outputs. The aim was to create a refocussed and coherent vision for their discerning HNWI audience.

The result was a refined and evolved brand identity with guidelines that comprised typography, logo, colour, print stocks and finishing, as well as photographic art direction and example applications. This new direction was then consistently applied across various materials, beginning with a new high-end introductory brochure that was strategically service-focussed to replace their prior product-based one.

The foil debossed cover of the brochure echoes the casting of gold bars, while its texture was chosen to represent coin minting detail. With blind debossed gold endpapers, crisp, full-colour image reproduction, and square-back binding stitched with gold wires, the finish and details of the brochure reflect the precision of the services within.

Drive also produced a sophisticated stationery suite, national advertising and a redesigned website (currently underway).