Part of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the UK Ship Register (UKSR) is a flag of quality which maintains the highest regulation standards making sure the vessels registered under the UK Flag adhere to the safety and environmental requirements. It also offers a host of benefits to those who register a vessel with the UKSR and through partnership with shipowners, it is working towards safer lives, safer ships, and cleaner seas.

The UKSR approached Drive with a need to better explain the process of registering, claiming and renewing a vessel online in a simple and succinct way. Additionally a key factor was communicating the benefits of registering. After scripting, storyboarding and creating a new visual style that adhered to core brand guides but diverted into a new iconographic framework, Drive produced three animated walk-throughs. Each clearly explains the online sequence of events while underlining the rules, as well as the many advantages of registering with the UKSR.

The videos will be supportive material online for those looking to find more information.