Exeter is a thriving city situated in the heart of Devon in South West England. Currently seeing a surge in development, in recent years Exeter City Council has launched two initiatives to showcase the city’s considerable benefits: Exeter Live Better and Liveable Exeter. With our studio located on the outskirts of Exeter, Drive was delighted to be asked by ECC to design and build new websites for both.

Both initiatives are intrinsically linked and work hand-in-hand with one another, sharing similar brand elements, colours and structure. Both sites share clean spacious layouts with bold, accessible imagery, typography and graphic elements and were built to meet Accessibility Level 2 guidelines. Together, they combine to form a visual celebration of the city now and into the future.

Exeter Live Better


The Exeter Live Better initiative is widely used by ECC to highlight the high quality of life in the city, aimed at residents and non-residents alike. Drive therefore used bold, bright colours and engaging photographic imagery to showcase Exeter as a vibrant, diverse location, where people can visit, study, work and live better.

Liveable Exeter


Meanwhile, Liveable Exeter reveals the city’s vision for growth into the future to improve quality of life for its residents. With a mission to strengthen Exeter’s neighbourhoods, sustainability and infrastructure, Drive used the same graphic devices of brightly coloured backgrounds and icons with aspirational imagery to convey this positive narrative.