The Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) is a world-class museum and art-gallery – a staple of culture, history and education in the the south west region. However it wouldn’t be possible without the help of donations, volunteers, sponsors, patrons, friends and legacy contributions. These opportunities for supporting the RAMM and building a closer relationship with its visitors called for the creation of a new sub brand to define and communicate these ways to contribute as well as the many benefits.

Drive were tasked with formulating a name, logo, strapline, and a cohesive visual identity scheme that fitted within the main RAMM design guides. The process was comprehensive with many verbal and visual ideas, design iterations and site visits.

The final branding and strapline ‘Protect the past, support the present, shape the future’, combined with bold typography that unashamedly listed the many ways to support, created a bold visual statement that celebrated the opportunity to get closer to the RAMM and make an impact that will allow future generations to enjoy the museum for many years to come.

A completely revitalised donation box scheme throughout the museum that built upon the existing placements, as well as Case for Support, Gift in Wills, and Ways to Support brochures, donation envelopes, thank you cards, stickers and more all highlight the importance of supporting this much-loved museum, and making incredible things happen with your generosity (whilst often receiving a few extra benefits on top).

Drive have also worked with the RAMM on their LEGO Exhibition, Shop advertising, Collections Explorer, Carnival of Animals 150th Anniversary campaign, Membership programme and Bring the Kids campaigns.