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We’d like to take you behind the scenes at Drive, to show you a storyboard to final video comparison of one of our animations – a recent explainer video for communications experts ITEC.

A storyboard is a rough, visual representation of the video that serves as a working blueprint to show a client and a creative team how the video will play out. It conveys how it will look, its personality, the pace, action, dialogue and even the sound – a comic book version of the story. At this stage we can experiment with ideas, edits, creative routes and even camera angles at little cost to the client – it makes or breaks a video.

An engaging, considered and scrutinised storyboard is key to a successful video from both a story and visual perspective. But it also solidifies the message of the video to the client, it focuses the animation team and manages expectations over the whole project.

We know that clear communication between all parties and thorough planning throughout a project can side-step pitfalls and prevent problems from arising. When it comes to working on a complex, multi-stage motion graphic or animation project, storyboarding is a major part of this communication.

“I will never let something go into production unless it is working fantastic in that version with the still drawings. Because no matter all the great animation you can do will never save a bad story.”
– John Lasseter (Pixar)

In this ITEC animation case study, after discussion of objectives and creative routes came the formulation of a script, moodboards, art style and character creation, followed by the ITEC storyboard. The video here shows a storyboard animatic (an animated version of the storyboard) alongside the final video and demonstrates how Drive fully developed a storyboard as part of our process.

While the storyboard looks sketchy, it clearly defined the flow, pacing and style of the video (combined with written narration), which eliminated time-consuming and costly experiments or revisions, minimising any major changes between the storyboard and the final outcome – keeping everyone happy.

“The storyboard for me is the way to visualize the entire movie in advance” – Martin Scorsese

See the final ITEC animation and illustrations on our project page

Drive produce explainer animations, brand videos, educational videos, product showcases videos, app promotional videos and more. For every single project, our tried-and-tested process involves a solid storyboard and careful planning to make the most of every opportunity and every budget.

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