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We’re big fans of Facebook and despite its slightly Big Brother-esque ways, it of great benefit to brands and businesses alike. There are changes on the horizon that will affect the way marketers and brands use Facebook as a marketing tool and we wanted to share our thoughts. If the Facebook of old changes, we also need to change the way we do things and that takes time, research and strategic thinking. So why is all this change good and not just another social media nuisance?

This week has seen the announcement of another Facebook algorithm update which will be great news for all the casual Facebook addicts out there – those pesky posts that tempt your curiosity and lure you to click will no longer be found in your feed. Read more about Facebook cutting ‘click bait’ posts. Earlier this month, another change became apparent; ‘Like-gating’ will no longer be an acceptable way of unlocking Facebook apps – we mentioned this in our earlier post about updates to design law. What has brought these changes, and are they better for Facebook… or its 500 million+ community?

There have been many trends over the years that have worked really well. In the past it was all about increasing Likes by any means possible or getting people to click onto a website using persuasive posts. These trends have been of great importance in the evolution of social media marketing – they have tested and pushed the boundaries teaching us what is of importance today. Although Likes and Favourites are the metrics of success, there’s a big question mark looming over the correlation between the amount of people Liking a page and those people with a genuine interest in receiving further content. Here’s what happens if you Like everything you see on Facebook.

Facebook claims to recognise that users want quality content, less spamming, less word-heavy image posts etc. Changes to platform algorithms help to sieve out industry cowboys, profiteering from Like-farm scams, cheap wins using generic products through world-wide competitions, and the ‘false’ Likes they promote. This might look good on an analytic spreadsheet but for ROI and genuine brand engagement it falls short.

The last thing social media marketing needs is to be continually tarnished with the ‘dark-arts’ brush. Any good Digital Marketer will know that as social media evolves they must embrace and adapt to the changes. Unlike the behind-the-scenes practice of SEO where all kinds of unobtainable promises are made, social media marketing is a visible and open marketing technique and it is easy to tell if something is working for the wrong reasons. What would you prefer, a large amount of Likes on your page but no in-post engagement or a handful of targeted individuals who are frequently engaged with your brand?

The forthcoming Facebook updates are great because they are forcing transformation within the industry. As social media evolves it is encouraging new and more creative digital marketing techniques, not quick, empty and cheap wins. We need to work with the changes and not around them in an attempt to trick the system. After all, evolution is at the very heart of social media.

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