The Christmas card that never was

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This year Drive sent out illustrated Christmas emails to our clients and partners which, aside from being the eco-friendly option, could be seen as a little bit of a cop-out. So we thought we’d let you peek behind the scenes to see the hand-crafted Christmas Card we originally intended to send that never happened…

We decided to hand press some rustic lino-cut Christmas cards, made in-house by the Drive elves. We spent some time crafting designs, doing test prints and trying different stocks and inks, before deciding that time really was of the essence and in an age of digital precision, these weren’t up to our usual exacting standards. Lino cut is a traditional art form that requires a lot more time, skill and dedication than our busy studio with client work would allow.

So here’s a look behind the scenes at the Christmas Card that never was… until next year, when we might try our hand at whittling Bavarian tree decorations 🙂






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