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Years of corporate strategies have pounded hierarchies in to flat tiers. Think of your creative environment  as less of a pyramid and more of an amphitheatre — an open forum for discussion and ideas. Likewise, the act of structuring teams in a circular formation, stimulates a collaborative way of thinking.

Sharing the demands of a creative exercise with others is quite freeing, allowing minds to be relaxed — which is ideal for idea generation. A glass of wine seems to have a similar effect! Not only this but ‘bouncing’ ideas around is always an essential part of a creative process — taking thinking off on new, unexpected tangents.

External collaboration

Collaboration is not exclusive to internal resources either, it extends far beyond the internal workings of an agency. S0me of the best work out there is a product of integrated agency collaboration, each playing to their particular strengths.

Networking within the creative design industry can lead to the forging of unexpected creative partnerships.

Group creative

Good ideas can come from anywhere, but not all ideas are as good as others. Ensure idea generation sessions are lead by a decision maker, an arbiter of the creative routes worth exploring. Remember, a camel is a horse designed by committee.

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