Explainer Videos: A 30-Second Drive Thru

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An infographic of facts and stats to explain the benefits of explainer videos and promotional online video content. Looking for product or explainer videos for your business? Look no further than Drive Creative Studio.


  1. Cat Turner
    18th May 2017

    An infographic to explain an explainer video? I’m sure there’s some irony in there somewhere 🙂

    • Drive Team
      Drive Team
      30th August 2017

      We’re glad the irony wasn’t lost! 🙂

  2. J Thomson
    29th August 2017

    There is 80% more chance the viewer buy the product after watching the explainer video.

  3. M Bryan
    29th August 2017

    The online video marketing is best in digital marketing the video trend is increasing day by day so investing in explainer video production is best.


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