Drive develops branding for new restaurant concept

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Drive are proud to have created the fresh-looking brand identity and applications for Goodness at Greens, an exciting new dining experience that was launched at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth on 3 April 2018.

The restaurant has been conceptualised to offer a balanced range of healthy foods, largely sourced from local suppliers from across the South West. Consequently, Drive developed the brand strategy around ‘honest food’, the common thread that ties everything together.

We created the name ‘Goodness at Greens’, as well as the logo and core visual identity. The typography was inspired by independent restaurants and farmers’ market stalls with a warm, rustic and hand-made feel, while the vibrant colours were inspired by fresh, healthy foods.

After establishing these core elements, the brand was implemented across every restaurant touchpoint – including signage, information and menu boards, point-of-sale and staff uniforms, as well as a portfolio of creative wall art and a regional provenance map. Accessorising the environment with quirky artwork, decorative tiles and striking accent colours brought the brand to life.

Drive also designed the exterior advertisements to entice people to the restaurant with a taster of its concept. All these materials were designed with the varied hospital audience in mind, appealing to doctors, visitors and patients alike.

You can read more about the restaurant on the Derriford Hospital website.

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