Google logo animation

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It’s all over the internet, Google have evolved their primary logo and extended the new brand scheme across their suite of product icons. Whether you’re an advocate of it’s new ‘fun’ childlike simplicity or not, the application and animation of the new brand identity online and in it’s UX is full of character and brings the brand concept to life in a world in which bandwidth no longer restricts creativity and communication.

This is a wonderful example of how the medium (digital) and the audience’s window into the brand (online via a browser or app) directly affect the creative process and conventions of a brand identity. It’s clear the animated version of this identity (much like fantastic Swisscom brand identity, as and example), is part of an initial concept, not an afterthought, with the motion supporting the essence and meaning of the broader identity.

We liked it so much, we made our own just for fun!



Drive Google animation




It’s crucial to explore and understand how audiences interact with brands and experience each aspect of a brand story, across multiple communication channels, products and services, and animation is an effective way to sell an idea. Here, movement is the expression and speed, rhythm and transitions effect the mood, story, character and appeal of the brand.

Watch our animation showreel for more examples.


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