Innovative printing techniques for Orbital Media’s new business cards

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Business card design is a staple of corporate stationery, but that’s no reason for it to look ‘corporate’.

Our recent rebrand for Suffolk-based digital marketing firm Orbital Media resulted in these fun, funky business cards.

The paper

The brand identity is full of vibrant colours and bold typography so getting these business cards to convey this was a must.

To achieve Orbital’s vibrant, solid purple with a standard CMYK process colours is nigh impossible (as is often the case with the zingiest of tones). To keep the vibrancy of a full-colour business card, we opted for G.F Smith Colourplan Purple stock – duplexed to give the cards rigidity and presence at a 700gsm overall weight.

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The ink

An obvious drawback to printing on such a dark substrate is contrast. All content needed to be legible: either white or one of the other vibrant colours from the Orbital Media brand palette. This poses a problem that conventionally only an expensive white foil would solve.

Enter HP Indigo digital printing… This printing press can print both standard CMYK process colours and less conventional ones such as opaque white ink. HP Indigos are the only sheet-fed digital presses currently on the market that offer a white ink. Being able to print crisp, legible white text onto coloured card allowed us to realise the design we knew would work best.

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The result

The finished cards have a mix of both white and coloured text with each person having three colour variations each. All the information was first printed with six hits of white to achieve a solid colour (the press’ ‘multi-shot’ function means up to 12 perfectly aligned hits can be applied). To achieve the other colours, the appropriate white areas were then over-printed with CMYK inks. Without the important white layer underneath, other colours would appear muddy, dark, or even invisible on the purple card.

The tolerances on the Indigo press are incredible, lining up the multiple passes of CMYK inks near-perfectly over the white.

To ensure no haloing around the coloured text (where just a slither of white is visible around the edges), correctly setting up the artwork for a print job like this is crucial. The white area under the colour is offset, or ‘choked’, to make the area ever-so-slightly smaller – in this case being 0.8 points; just 0.282 of a millimetre!

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It would have been easier to bow out and simply produce the business cards in a standard 4-colour process on white card, but that’s not how we do things. With the help of a technologically advanced digital press and our commitment to ensuring Orbital Media’s funky, bold new brand appears at it’s best across every touch-point, the results achieved here create a much greater and more memorable impact.

Want to make your business cards stand out from the crowd? You know who to call.

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