How do you make your brand stand out from the crowd?

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A brand that stand out from the crowd for the right reasons is the first port of call for someone in the market for your services. Standing out puts you in a powerful position

To understand how people think about your business and your brand, first consider it as an extension of yourself. You look quite healthy, right? Well, maybe you could exercise a little more, and there’s always room for improvement.

Maybe you could lose a few pounds, or keep your hair a little tidier – maybe you wish certain parts were a little smaller…or bigger? Maybe you’d like to be more confident, always know the right things to say, or be more knowledgeable… Because the truth is, when you’re in front of people who are important to you, most of us actually care what people think.

This is what brands are like – complex personalities, which leave lasting impressions long after you’ve met them. Virgin might be the savvy, witty high-flyer with its finger on the pulse; Red Bull the adrenaline junky; while Microsoft loves to talk tech and is more straight-laced.

As in life, some personalities are best suited to others – this is also true for business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Imagine being at a networking event of brands; what lasting impression do these brands, these people, leave in your mind? Who captures your imagination and who talks your language?

This is what the essence of a brand is – the combination of images, messages, your experience of interacting with them, how they have resonated with you, the promises they make, and the ones they break. A brand is a perception, an opinion in the mind of the consumer, comprised of intangible ideals.

Project your brand personality into that networking event, rubbing shoulders with potential customers and mingling with your competitors. How does it fit? What will people think of it? How will your brand talk back? What does it stand for? Is it slick, knowledgeable and impressive, engaging, understanding and quick-thinking as it talks to others? And crucially, is it the best representation of you…the best you can be?

Now consider: rather than you bumping into customers and competitors at an event like this, you’re rubbing shoulders with them all the time, walking through a crowded city of brands, products and services that all have their own personality. Only the most memorable, the most well-dressed and impressive, the ones that say the right things at the right time to the right people, will leave a lasting impact. This is the reality of what businesses are up against, and this is why it’s so important that your brand is positioned correctly – to achieve your business goals.

The good news is that your brand’s personality can be fine-tuned. We can suck in that gut, tighten up its buttocks, give it elocution lessons; we can make sure it’s on the right message, create a captive audience for it, teach it public speaking, give it something to believe in so it can speak honestly and passionately to connect with people. We can even give it a full body makeover and a facelift to make the impression you need. This is what graphic communication, marketing, brand strategy and brand identity can do.

It presents the ultimate ‘you’ in business form. It changes people’s perceptions, dispels myths and rumours, it speaks your truth and distances you from the competition. It educates, enlightens, entertains and inspires, builds trust and confidence, positioning you in your own special place in the mind of your customer – this is what we mean when we talk about brand positioning.

So, back in that networking event of brands, how do you compare to everyone else in the room competing for attention? Do you think it’s you that will save the lasting impression?

As with ourselves, our brands always have room for improvement – except for your brand it’s a lot less painful.

If your brand needs some rejuvenation or you’d like some brand identity consultation, please get in touch.

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