OneHutFull – a Devon charity campaign

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Over the last year something very curious has been growing on a remote Dartmoor farm…

Born from a community’s passion for farming a rare-breed of sheep and through witnessing the decline of hill-farming on the moors, One Hut Full is a touring multi-sensory experience taking visitors on a journey through the past, present and future of hill farming on Dartmoor.


The vision was to bring old values and new methods together within an old-fashioned style shepherds hut. A local artist Andy Visser was commissioned to fabricate an audio-visual experience to sit within the hut and transform it into a high-tech mobile experience.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery fund, and lots of support from local charity organisations, by-product entrepreneurs and the local business community, Project leader Paula Wolton has been working closely with Drive Creative Studio to develop the campaign brand, messaging, proposition, and the visual identity of the project. We also developed the exterior hut design, image-based responsive website, social media skins and promotional materials.


The identity stage explored the development of the logotype whereby the upturned ‘U’ creates an iconic representation of the orange shepherd’s hut, but also conveys the project’s aim to turn a perceived understanding of hill farming on it’s head.

A meaningful colour palette was developed to compliment the image styling – applying contemporary treatments to historical photographs to further investigate the theme of old and new.

Originally derived from Baa Baa Black Sheep’s ‘three bags full’, One Hut Full’s meaning evolved as we expanded the brand messaging to incorporate the themes of the hut experience. The website homepage structure is a prime example, with sub sections divided into One Hut Full …of memories, …truth, …of inspiration, … of action, etc.



The scrapbook styling represents themes of nostalgia as well as a collaboration of new and exciting ideas. It was important for the look and feel of the campaign and hut itself to be both sympathetic to the cause and be striking enough to inspire and motivate interest and ultimately, change.

The project has already been gathering momentum with local and national press attention.

Hoping to use rich heritage to inspire change for the future, One Hut Full launches on Thursday 19th February at Exeter Cathedral and will be touring the UK until 2017. The project is proudly supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association.

See the One Hut Full website

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