OneHutFull – The big reveal!

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Drice Creative Studio at OneHutFull Launch

Last Thursday 19th Feb saw the launch of the much anticipated OneHutFull. The Drive team trundled down to Exeter Cathedral on this wet day to take part in the launch and to be among the first to experience the audio visual installation within the hut.

The audio visual experience was flawless and it felt like once inside the hut, we could have been at the Tate gallery. Andy Visser, the artist who was commissioned to create this piece had spent many, many months putting together the ethereal piece which left us feeling quite eerie – it was an unexpected emotional reponse from the team.

The Cathedral had been taken over with a pair of very fluffy Whiteface Dartmoor rams and a handful of by-product producers including one of our lovely clients, Twool.

We tried some tasty home-made lamb pies and lamb kofta with sweet dipping sauce before heading back to HQ loaded with orange sheep-shaped promo stickers – keep your eyes out for these in Exeter city centre!

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