Do you want to learn all about prehistoric stone axes? Then this new microsite is for you!

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Stone Axes Microsite

If you have ever wanted to discover how stone axes revolutionised prehistoric Britain, and how an extraordinary archaeological experiment led to this discovery, then our latest project is right up your street. This exciting new education microsite details how stone axes were made and used in prehistoric Britain, and how extensive work by the South West Implement Petrology Group gave us unprecedented insight into these objects – which were not merely used as tools, but also as symbols of wealth and status.

When the South West Implement Petrology Group received funding from Historic England to digitise their vast catalogue of stone axes and other tools and to make it available online, they were required to include an educational element to ensure that the collection would be accessible to the public. Drive was approached by the group to help deliver this part of this interesting and exciting project.

Working directly with the archaeologists to help plan, design and bring the new microsite to life, Drive ensured that the information was presented in a clear, simple-to-understand and accessible way, so their extensive and complex project could be understood and enjoyed by all visitors. The new microsite now forms the gateway to their online catalogue of thousands of stone axes and tools.


The information on the site not only had to tell a remarkable story, but also outline what stone axes were, what they were made from, how they were made and what they were used for. Simple and accessible interactive elements – including timelines, maps, step-by-step processes and photography – helped to keep the information interesting and easily digestible.

What is a Stone axe?


To see how we helped the group tell the story of how stone axes revolutionised Stone Age Britain, check out the microsite at For a deeper dive into the world of implement petrology, you can also browse the catalogue of thousands of stone axes and other tools here:

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