The Devon Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1967, and is the South West’s largest and finest ensemble. Formerly known as Exeter Music Group (EMG), the orchestra has a long-standing reputation built on showcasing regional talent, and regularly inspires audiences with its exhilarating sound and ambitious repertoire.

Drive was commissioned to develop a brand-new, energetic identity from the ground up, in order to reposition and reinvigorate the group as the region’s primary performing orchestra and attract a new generation of musicians and listeners.

A bold new mark – inspired by the curved tiers of the orchestra stage – leads the new identity, and can either be used in solid colour, as an abstract pattern, or as soft, gradiated steps. The mark also represents the orchestra’s rippling sound waves, conveying a powerful musical impact that only an orchestra of this size can have upon on the audience. The new brand ethos and identity was applied throughout print, advertising and digital media and is both vibrant and accessible yet – combined with photography – remains professional and sophisticated.