T-shirt design for Bite-Back

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For a charity, branded merchandise is an integral way to get your message and cause into the public domain, as well as creating ambassadors and raising much-needed additional donations.

After completing the brand refresh, website strategy and design for marine conservation charity Bite-Back, we turned our hand to designing some t-shirts, which are now bestsellers on the Bite-Back e-shop.

Bite-Back’s mission is to make Britain shark-fin free, and to shine a light on the misrepresentation and demonisation of sharks within the media. With the wealth of issues, phrases, history and iconography behind this mission, the brief was to create something graphic, wearable and conservation focused, without an imposing, forthright agenda.

From a selection of over 12 designs, two were the clear winners of focus groups: ‘Hunter.Hunted’ and Sharkbeat.


Who’s the hunter and who’s the hunted? Look carefully and you’ll see the profile of a human face in the silhouette of the shark, revealing the fact that humans are, in fact, the oceans’ most deadly predator.


For many, this design is a declaration that sharks make your heart beat stronger. Others will recognise that two sharks are killed with every beat of your heart. Perhaps this double meaning makes it the perfect conversation starter?

Designs are available now and proceeds go to the Bite-Back charity: https://www.bite-back.com/shop/

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