The impact and charm of animation

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As a creative studio, we understand the importance of design on businesses, consumers, the development of the modern world and its power as a driver of social change.

The Design Council’s latest report shows the exact breadth and depth of design’s contribution to the UK’s economy and how design thinking does so much more than just make products look nicer or work better, it improves the way a business operates. The UK’s creative industry is still one of the strongest and most important.

Their research reveals that not only does design thinking increase the range of products a business develops and their return on investment, but it can also lead to more inspiring workplaces, happier staff, better service and, as a result, greater customer satisfaction.

By utilising the versatile medium of animation in order to deliver complex information, it captivates and holds viewer with its intrinsic charm. Acting as an up-beat educational tool, it shines a light on the benefits that design has on the economy, achieved by providing bite sized pieces of information to build up a hub of knowledge on the subject.

The Value of Design from Design Council on Vimeo.


Despite the UK’s creative industry being a world leader, there is a growing concern of decline within certain sectors of the creative industry due to the increasing ease of accessing pirated streams and downloads. The following short animations from Creative Content UK aims to make people think again about their consuming habits.

The ad campaign cleverly uses some superb 2d/3d hybrid animation styles to highlight the consequences of illegally consuming content. It successfully encourages the use of genuine content and informs people of how illegal streaming and downloads harms the industry and ultimately their lifestyle. Drawing on the emotion of the viewer through the use of parallel story-telling, it creates impact as ultimately the viewer is faced with a choice and immediately reflects upon the way they consume their digital content.

These are two fantastic examples of how contemporary animation can be used to depart an important message to businesses and consumers. Although they are both animated awareness campaigns, their differing styles and techniques have an impact and charm that would be difficult to achieve though other mediums.


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