The Shop at RAMM Christmas and New Year campaign

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In the run up to the Christmas shopping season, Drive has been working with Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) on a new advertising campaign to create a greater awareness of its award-winning museum shop. Both internal and external campaign materials have been created, as well as interior way-finding elements and exterior display advertising throughout the city.

‘Past and Presents’ (a play on the history of the museum and its fantastic gift shop) is a campaign that Drive has developed for the rush of late-night shopping, but also to function as a new look for the shop with more long-term, non-Christmas-focused designs.

The campaign has a contemporary digital collage aesthetic, using a variety of the items on sale at the Shop at RAMM to convey the eclectic range on offer. While it features specific items to touch upon product groups (such as jewellery, books, crafts and toys), the style retains an overall cohesive look that is not confused with other museum exhibitions on display – a key concern in the brief.

Each item was photographed in-house at Drive, and brought together with additional vintage graphic elements to form balanced compositions that are clean and sophisticated, showcasing the tone and personality of the shop and carefully curated items on sale. Furthermore, working with the RAMM’s corporate typography, the visual style is intrinsically flexible, allowing for new items to be used in future campaigns without losing any hard-earned recognition.

the shop at ramm design

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